The Stock Horse of Texas collegiate program was started by the late Dr. Kris Wilson in 2005. At the time, Kris was teaching stock horse classes at Texas Tech University and he started the “team” concept by bringing a group of individuals to a SHTX show all clad in matching black shirts with the Texas Tech logo on the back. His idea of a competitive venue for college students to show has grown into a collegiate program with more than a 20 schools.

A group of collegiate riders from the same school can compete on a collegiate team. Team awards are presented at all collegiate-approved shows, and collegiate riders can earn individual awards in their respective collegiate division, as well as Year End collegiate awards.

Collegiate riders must be SHTX members in order to compete in SHTX shows.


Students have 8 semesters or 5 years of eligibility, whichever comes first. College students or their coaches must submit a collegiate eligibility form verifying full time enrollment and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. Students who have purchased NIRSHA memberships designating eligibility and full time student status can use their membership in lieu of completing an eligibility form. 

Beginning in 2023, SHTX has adopted collegiate rules established by the National Intercollegiate Ranch and Stock Horse Association (NIRSHA). Per these rules, the Collegiate show year runs from September 1 to May 1. Collegiate eligibility is as of September 1 each year. 

Division eligibility is designated by NIRSHA. An abbreviated version of the NIRSHA Handbook as it relates to SHTX show eligibility can be found here. A complete copy of the NIRSHA Handbook can be found here.

Collegiate riders who also enter regular SHTX divisions must abide by any and all eligibility requirements per the SHTX Rule Book. With slight differences in SHTX division eligibility and collegiate division eligibiity, collegiate riders double entering regular SHTX divisions are encouraged to double check their eligibililty to ride in the respective divisions.

Team Divisions

Division I: A D1 team consists of a maximum of 6 riders: 2 Open/Non Pro; 2 Limited/Intermediate; 2 Novice. A school may enter a team with less than six but no less than four members.

Division II: A D2 team consists of four riders competing in any of the following divisions: Limited, Intermediate, Novice.  A school fielding a D1 team is not eligible to have a D2 team. A school can not have more than two D2 teams, and instead must field a D1 team.


Collegiate scholarships are also available to full time college students competing in the Stock Horse Derby during the World Show. For more information on these scholarships, click here.


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